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How to Use Twitter to Gain Exposure For Your Blog

Twitter for Blog Exposure

Your Twitter Profile Page

One of the most effective ways to market your blog and/or online store is through your profile page. It’s often the first thing people look at when they decide to follow or learn more about you and its guaranteed to get you at least one click to your landing page. It’s up to you to convert that click into a returning customer! Using a custom background that explains what you are about and pointing your URL to a carefully crafted Twitter Landing page can ensure that you are converted these ENAGAGED visitors into repeat visitors.

Auto-Update Blog Plugins

I personally use WordPress for all my projects and it has tons of free plugins that will send a tweet to your Twitterstream anytime you create a new blog post. This not only saves time, but also helps to promote new content updates so my followers can stay on top of my posts. I generally see a spike on the days that I create new posts, and this is largely due to the auto-tweets.

Twitter Specials, Sales and Customer

If you are an online business, creating Twitter-only discounts is a MUST. This will help to generate more followers and buzz for your online store. It also will help in the “good will” category as well! Updates of whats on sale, Twitter Coupons, and Twitter Customer Service are the keys to a successful Twitter business presence. You could even set up a keyword scan using TweetLater or Twitter Search to see when people are talking about you so you can fix their issues or to reward them for spreading the good word about you! I recommend fixing Customer Services issues via DM though – you don’t want others seeing any potential dirty laundry!


This post was not meant to be a ‘be all and end all” for ideas. It’s merely a starting point to show you some of the many ways that you can use twitter to benefit your online projects. The time may come when people move on the next “hot” social network and you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the opportunity that Twitter had offered to you. Subscribe to my TwitterStream and send me a tweet @MikeWayne for more ideas! I’m always ready to help! Do you have a Question, Comment or Rant in response to this post? Leave a Comment and BE HEARD!

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