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Setting Goals to Improve Your Blog Part One: Why You Need a Blog Business Plan & Content Schedule


Part One of My Seven Part Series on using a Content Schedule and a Blog Business Plan to Improve the Quality of your Blog

In order to succeed as a Blogger, you have to figure out why you are blogging and what you are trying to accomplish with your Blog. Are you blogging to make money? Are you blogging for therapeutic purposes, as an online journal? You need to figure out what you are trying o do before you can plan accordingly. Once you know what you are trying to accomplish it will be easier to create your Blog Business Plan so you’ll have a guide to succeeding at it!

The first thing you’ll have to do it figure out your niche, which is what I will cover in depth in Part two. If you didn’t know, your niche is simply the topic area that your blog is covering and is about. Selecting your niche all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to make money with your blog, you should choose a niche that is easy to generate revenue from. You should also choose a topic that you are fairly knowledgeable in as well.

If you are blogging for personal reasons, then you can choose to blog about anything at all. Keep in mind that blogs about “nothing” are not likely to draw a large audience. If you want a personal blog but desire to have your voice heard by a large audience, i would recommend centering your topics around a primary niche, with the occasional random thought. This is why it’s important to figure out why you are blogging in the first place.

In my next post in the series I will help you to refine your thoughts and assist you in selecting your niche based on your goals and expertise. Once you know what your trying to accomplish, and have your niche selected, you need to create your mission statement. Your mission statement should be a single sentence that both states your intentions and describes your blog. Hence my mission statement for this blog: Michael Wayne dot Com provides free blogging, social media, and marketing tips to help new bloggers learn how to make money online. It serves as a blueprint for my site and tells my visitors what to expect from me.

Once you’ve chosen your niche and know what your goals are you can then setup a content schedule. Think of your Blog as a magazine or a newspaper; You can have features, editorials, reviews in addition “regular” articles. With your Blog Business plan you can map out what features are scheduled on what days and can even map out your articles in advance, like this series.

I’m have the following schedule for my blog, which you can copy or modify to your needs:

  • One Multi-part series a month (3 Days or more)
  • Two Features a Week – Features for me are Multi-page in depth articles
  • One Review A Week (Four a Month)
  • One “List” a Week
  • Weekly OP/ED piece
  • One “How To” a Week
  • One article on Blogging a Week (minimum)
  • One article on Social Media a Week (minimum)
  • One article on Marketing a Week (minimum)

Having this blueprint, it’s easier for me to plan my content. Once you create your schedule in place, and your users have that expectation you need to stick to your schedule. Doing otherwise could potentially alienate your audience. Execution is what its all about! That’s it from me for now, be sure to browse over here tomorrow for my next post in this seven day series. We will be going over the actual details of planning your blog and choosing your niche. See you then!

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Mike Wayne (me!) is a Serial Entrepreneur residing in New York City. I created this blog to provide tools, advice and tips to help Entrepreneurs understand the world of Online Business. I’m also the Founder & Lead Developer at MediaCraft Marketing, a New York Based Internet Marketing Firm that reeks of Awesomeness =)

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