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Is Your Blog Branded For Success?


Branding Your Blog

If you were asked to explain what your blog is about in one sentence would you be able to? If I asked you what your “brand” statement was would you be able to talk about it or would you give me a blank stare? Do you have an easy to recognize logo that will instantly “click” in the mind of your blog readership? Finally, if a regular reader where to try to explain you to their friends, would they be able to explain what your blog is about effortlessly?

You might feel a bit overwhelmed by what you need to improve buy creating a “brand-able” blog, but it’s really not that hard. You need to sit down and figure out what it truly is that you are about and want to be known for. It might be painful to do so, but you MUST jettison all of the “fluff” from your blog and focus what is truly bringing people to it. Your brand depends on it! Coca Cola creates Coke, as well as Sprite. Imagine they decided that they were going to call both Coke and Sprite Coke! People would start to get confused.

Imagine you had to explain what coke it’s to a friend: “It’s this Soda that is dark and fizzy with a red label but is also clear and fizzy with a green label”. That’s the trap many bloggers fall into – they try to do too much with one blog and hope for success. Focus on ONE MAIN TOPIC and build your brand and blog solely about it! That’s why Coke and Sprite are two completely different BRANDS; so they can be each marketed specifically. So instead of being the blog about Social Media, you can be the blog about Twitter. Get the idea?

So right now decide what you are all about – write it down. Any article that doesn’t further your brand needs to be unpublished or moved to its own blog. The only success story about “something about nothing” was Seinfeld – so unless you are Jerry it’s time to focus. You then need to create your “elevator pitch” – a one sentence description of your blog. It may be tough to do, but the better and shorter the description, the better it is for you to market to others.

You then need to work on your logo and color scheme. You should have a distinct color scheme and logo that your audience can immediately identify with you. If you where to think about the Mac logo, the superman logo, or the coke logo I bet you could instantly visualize them. That’s what will help you to stand out – easy to remember iconic branding.

Blogging is still a relatively new medium and when it eventually matures the bloggers with iconic logos and easy to remember catch-phrases and slogans will be the one people flock to because they stand out! Do your best to ensure that your blog is set up for success! Do you have a Comment, Question or Rant? Leave a Comment and BE HEARD!

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