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Hi there! My name is Michael Wayne. I am a Web Developer and Marketer residing in New York City. I created this Blog to help other Bloggers turn their passions into profit. I provide free tools, advice and tips to help Bloggers make money from their blogs. I’m also the CEO & Founder of MediaCraft Marketing, a new media marketing startup founded in 2008.

With MediaCraft, I help individuals and businesses find innovative ways to connect to their audience – and show them ways to convert them into paying customers. I have over 10 years experience in Marketing, Advertising and Web Design. I consistently find unique and innovative methods to connect with and monetize end users.
Whether it’s this Blog, or through MediaCraft, my primary objective is simple – to help people connect with and monetize their audience. Contact me today for a free consultation – I’m always just a “send” button away from helping you achieve your goals!

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Mike Wayne (me!) is a Serial Entrepreneur residing in New York City. I created this blog to provide tools, advice and tips to help Entrepreneurs understand the world of Online Business. I’m also the Founder & Lead Developer at MediaCraft Marketing, a New York Based Internet Marketing Firm that reeks of Awesomeness =)

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